• Potpourri Mama


    Our Potpourri design is a completely different to what we have offered before with the addition of potpourri, gold foil font and a white label. We usually don't use stickers. Names can be changed to suit the person you are giving it too but these candles are not personalised and only 2 fragrances are available - Tahitian Vanilla & Champagne Strawberry.

    The size for the large candle 10cm x 8.5cm with no lid.

    We are very proud to say that each and every one of our soy candles are 100% hand made by us. We still hand blend and pour them at our home studio, using only the finest ingredients. We use more the the recommended ratio of fragrance oil to wax to ensure a beautiful strong scent to our candles.

    Love and light from the Wickitywick Team x