Father's Love - Large size only


Who said men don't like candles and with them personalised from their little ones they really do make them so special. Four designs to chose from or create your own candle with a quote. All designs are personalised to make the perfect Father's Day gift. Names can be changed to suit, as we all have a special way we call our Dad's.

Choose three or four sentences that make up the definition of your father or grandfather and the love you share. We work with you to make it perfect and to reflect the love for your Dad or Pappa.

This candle design is only available in our large jar - glass lid jar is 12.5cm (with lid) x 8.2cm x 9.0cm (base) and burn approx. 55 hours. Wooden lid jar is 10cm (not including lid) x 8.5cm and burn approx. 48 hours. 

We are very proud to say that each and every one of our soy candles are 100% hand made by us. We still hand blend and pour them at our studio, using only the finest ingredients. We use more the the recommended ratio of fragrance oil to wax to ensure a beautiful strong scent to our candles.

Love and light from the Wickitywick Team x