Custom - Design Your Own


Design your own Godparent candle to match your theme, invitation or to match the main Baptism candle from our designs in our Little Ones collection. You can also choose from any design from any of our collections and we can use that for your design by altering the words to suit. Let us know the words that you would like on your candle/s. 

Jars are 11cm x 6cm and burn approx. 40 hours.  We are very proud to say that each and every one of our soy candles are 100% hand made by us. We still hand blend and pour them at home, using only the finest ingredients. We use more then the recommended ratio of fragrance oil to wax to ensure a beautiful strong scent to our candles.

Add an extra $10 for a large soy candle - glass lid jar is 12.5cm (with lid) x 8.2cm x 9.0cm (base) and burn approx. 55 hours.

Once order has been placed, if you would like a photo, then please email the photo that you wish to have on your candle/s. Photos in landscape work better on our candles.

Love + Light from the Wickity Team x